Present Continuous

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1.   She ___ cooking dinner at the moment




2.   Kate ________ a car now

am driving

is drives

is driving

3.   Bob and Tom _________ at the computer today

is working

are working


4.   They _____________ their homework at the moment

aren't doing

is doing

am not doing

5.   I ____________ a shower now

is taking

am taking

aren't taking

6.   _______ we ____________ to the cinema now?

Is, going

Am, going

Are, going

7.   ______ Kate ___________ the dishes at the moment?

Am, washing

Is, washing

Are, washing

8.   _______ Ricky and Billy __________ on the phone now?

Am, talking

Is, talking

Are, talking

9.   Greg ___________ the guitar now.

am not playing

isn't playing

aren't playing

10.   I ________ a mistake now

am not making

isn't making

aren't making

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