Урок 3. Глагол TO BE (отрицание, вопрос)


Чтобы сделать отрицание с глаголом “to be”, поставьте “not” после глагола:

I am not             


He is not               


You are not           


She is not


We are not


It is not


They are not


Чтобы сделать вопрос с глаголом “to be”, поставьте глагол (в нужной форме) перед подлежащим.








  I am a doctor.

  Am I a doctor?        

  - Yes, I am/No, I am not

  He is 35.


  Is he 35?

  - Yes, he is/ No, he is not.

  She is a secretary.


  Is she a secretary?

  - Yes, she is/ No, she is not.

  It is a passport.


  Is it a passport?

  - Yes, it is/ No, it is not.

  We are from Spain.


  Are we from Spain?

  - Yes, we are/ No, we are not.

  You are married.


  Are you married?

  - Yes, you are/ No you are not.

  They are Russian tourists.


  Are they Russian tourists?

 - Yes, they are/ No, they are not.


А теперь попробуйте вставить нужную форму глагола "to be":

- Hi! My name ___ Kate.

- Where ___ you from, Kate?

- I ___ from Ukraine. And what ___ your name?

- My name ____ Mauro. I ___ from Italy. 

- How old ___ you, Mauro?

- I ___ thirty-five years old. And how old ___ you, Kate?

- I ___ thirty-one. ___ you married, Mauro?

- No, I ___ not married. And you, Kate?

- Yes, I ___ married.


Проверьте себя по ключам внизу страницы.


Ключи к уроку

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Victor      18.07.2010 (21:17)
Rather useful.
Влад      03.01.2011 (15:42)
1. You …. a worker, but your brother …. a farmer. 2 My mother is … a teacher. 3. Her father … a doctor. 4. These flowers … beautiful. 5. What … the name of that girl? 6. Who … those men sitting at the table? 7. … this a magazine? 8. Who… you? 9. These girls … students. 10 That man … a nice guy. 11. This woman … my mother. 12. The house …mine. This … my house. These … my pens. Those … your magazines.
Neo      11.10.2011 (10:29)
Dancing Girl. This is a deadly, dangerous dance in the sphere. Nervous does not look! To view this video you will need to click on the link: http://youtu.be/-sy-ThwDRB8
оля      29.11.2011 (10:02)
. Вставьте to be в нужной форме: 1. There … a telegram on the table. 2. There … a lot of stars and planets in space. 3. … there a lamp over the table? Yes, there … . 4. There … many new houses in our street soon.

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